Lion – a powerful portrait of healing childhood trauma

lion_2016_filmMovie recommendation

For anyone who hasn’t already seen it, I highly recommend this movie. It tells the extraordinary true story of a little 5-year-old boy, Saroo, who becomes lost in Calcutta, 2000km from his home in central India. After months of surviving on the streets, then in an orphanage that is essentially a warehouse for lost children, Saroo is adopted by an Australian couple whose world couldn’t be more different from the one he leaves behind.

One of the many strengths of Lion is how this movie avoids the trap of stereotypes; little Saroo is extremely vulnerable, yet smart and resourceful. Poverty is not just one-dimensional, it’s full of life.

At the heart of the movie is a deep understanding and insightful approach to the experience of childhood trauma. Saroo’s story moves from pain and fear to hope and healing without sentimentality.

Overcoming trauma is a journey of the soul that is rarely captured on film. For anyone who has made this journey themselves, or is somewhere along their path, Lion is a portrait in healing, courage and love that will inspire and affirm.

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